Do you need a new piece for a birthday? The anniversary of your choir? The opening of a new hall? Or just a piece to play amongst friends? Consider asking F L Dunkin Wedd for a specific piece.

Prices are negotiable, but the chart below comes from BASCA, the composer’s professional body, and gives an idea of how much composers were paid for various commissions in the recent past:

Category Average cost per minute
Accompanied Choral including Gospel and Jazz (accompanied by keyboard or solo instruments, with or without vocal soloist) £245.03
Brass Band (may include solo instruments) £223.28
Chamber Orchestra (may include solo instruments) £370.08
Chorus and Orchestra (may include vocal soloists) £442.67
Duo including Jazz (two instruments, one of which may be a keyboard) £187.33
Electronica (A) Electronic Music as Fixed Media (ie no live involvement other than diffusion) £260.26
Electronica (B) Electronic Small Ensemble (up to 5 instrumentalists/vocalists) £255.12
Electronica (C) Electronic Music Large Ensemble (more than 5 instrumentalists/vocalists) £742.05
Jazz Big Band £135.49
Jazz Orchestra £279.17
Large Chamber Ensemble including Jazz (10 to 20 players) £262.77
Orchestra with soloists (soloists may be voice or instrument) £468.37
Small Chambe Ensemble including Jazz (3 to 9 players) £205.05
Solo including Jazz (includes works for harp or keyboard) £157.47
Stage Works including Opera £245.56
Symphonic Wind Ensemble (may include solo instruments) £282.69
Symphony Orchestra £542.36
Unaccompanied Choral including Jazz (may include vocal soloist) £374.34
All categories £303.26