Genre: Instrumental

Mood: Dramatic

Forces: Violin, Effects

Length: 6 Minutes


Afters (2008) – a piece for solo violin and sound effects, 6’.

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Programme notes

Musik über Musik
In 1535, Luther wrote the chorale Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her.
In 1746 Bach wrote his Canonical Variations on the Christmas
hymn “Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her” BWV 769.
In 1956 Stravinsky based his Choral Variationson Bach’s Canonical Variations.
In 1978 Karl Aage Rasmussen wrote Parts Apartfor string quartet, flute and
oboe - a deconstruction of Stravinsky’s arrangementof Bach.
In 2008, I wrote Afters- a free interpretation of Rasmussen deconstructing
Stravinsky’s arrangement of Bach’s variations on Luther…

Performance notes
The player will need to equip himself suitably. Thesound represented by
‘squeak squawk’is a hooter which hoots on the squeeze andon the release (the
original model was bright pink, rejoiced in the name of ‘Toot Horn’ and cost
£3.99 from Halfords.) This could be mounted on a suitable stand to give
visual as well as aural delight.
The interpolated sounds should be exactly to rhythm, except for the two
spoken phrases which should be spoken quite naturally, the rhythms being
notated purely for guidance.
Additional dynamics may be added at the player’s pleasure.

F L Dunkin Wedd


First performance:
9 May 2008, Steve Bingham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
Several additional performances by Steve Bingham, various dates and venues.