Cube Root

Genre: Chamber


Forces: Wind trio

Length: 9 Minutes


Three movements, each lasting three minutes, and mostly in triple time – for three players. Wind trio consisting of oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

“A really fun trio” – Ensemble Perpetuo

“There followed what for many must have been the high point at the evening. Cube Root, by local composer Laurie Dunkin Wedd. The title betokens some humour. Indeed. Three pieces, each in triple time, and each lasting just three minutes.
Highly entertaining, nay downright amusing, this was a piece of mature, well-crafted and polished writing betraying a detailed knowledge of the instruments’ capabilities. Amusing yet not lightweight, jazzy and syncopated, yet far from trivial.
Played as well as it was by the Cremone Trio, it would be a pleasure to hear it again. It would be difficult to say who enjoyed themselves the more, players or audience. And an encore would not have gone amiss!”

David Inman, Kent and Sussex Courier, 4 July 1997

1997 tude fest 02

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First performance:
28 June 1997, Cremone Trio, Tudeley, Kent.

Various performances in Germany/Austria by The Lezard Trio.