Modern Madrigals Book 2

Genre: Choral

Mood: Comic

Forces: SATB

Length: 6 Minutes


Modern Madrigals Book Two (2007) – Six MORE humorous partsongs, SATB, 6’.

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Programme notes

Modern Madrigals – Book Two

I had no idea where Modern Madrigals Book Two was going to come from - if there should ever be one. But after a particularly good performance of Book One by the Occasional Choir at Tudeley, I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the words for letters G to L.

Where Book One dealt with the voice of everyman, Book Two examines our interactions (and irritations) with organisations - the next step in a kind of Maslowian Hierarchy of Niggles. As with the first six, the texts are ephemeral: just as the madrigals of the 16th & 17th centuries had short sell-by dates, so have these. They will perhaps be very vieux chapeau in a year or two – and this is as it should be.

F L Dunkin Wedd
Tonbridge, January 2007


First performance:
13 Oct 2007, Occasional Choir, Adrian Pitts, Sevenoaks, Kent.