Genre: Vocal


Forces: Four sopranos

Length: 4 Minutes


Wagogo (2008) – interpretation of African hocketing for four sopranos, 3’.

Commissioned by Tongue Stuff – Morag Galloway, Jen Ord, Merit Ariane Stephanos and Sarah Underwood.

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Programme notes


This piece draws its inspiration from the hocketing of the Tanzanian tribe variously known as Wagogo, Ouagogo or Gogo. I have tried to reproduce the effect with four soprano voices.

To get the right sound, all the notes should be slightly stressed; after the note has been started the tone should be attenuated to allow the other voices to be heard and the hocket to work. Should the performers feel moved to stamp or clap along, this would add to the effect.

A strictly classical open pure tone is not necessary: an earthy sound is to be preferred. Additional dynamics may be added by the performers as they feel them.

A number of songs by the Wagogo people have been recorded by Polo Vallejo and released on the Ocora label, and make a fascinating listen.

F L Dunkin Wedd
Tonbridge, April 2008


First performance:
28 March 2009, Tongue Stuff, Hampstead, London.