Whereas Adam

Genre: Choral

Mood: Christmas

Forces: SATB

Length: 3 Minutes


A Christmas carol for choir SATB, ©2017.

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To the flower springing
To the bird singing
To the dew falling
To the snow melting.

Whereas Adam caused by sin
Our nature mortal thus to be,
A maiden's son doth now begin
From that fall to make us free.
And that is true;
The name of him is Christ Jesu.

Tidings, tidings that be true,
Sorrow is past and joy doth renew.

Some of our kind have had such grace
That since his birth they did him see,
Both son and mother face to face
In the chief city of Jewry.
And that is true;
Kings and shepherds they both knew.

And the prophets thereof were naught dismayed
Of the tidings that they had foretold;
For now it is full right as they said,
A maid hath borne a king in a fold.
And that is true;
For he is born to wear the purple hue.


Modern English version amended somewhat by the composer.

English Traditional, C15th, Lansdowne MS 379, British Library
John of Grimestone's Preaching Book, C13th, MS Advocates 18. 7. 21, National Library of Scotland

See also:

E. K. Chambers and F. Sidgwick, eds., Early English Lyrics (London: A. H. Bullen, 1907)