Paul Klee’s Fish

Genre: Instrumental


Forces: Violin, Piano

Length: 4 Minutes


Paul Klee’s Fish (1996) – Five ingenuous episodes for violin & piano, 4’.

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Programme notes

Paul Klee’s Fish (1996)
Five ingenuous episodes for violin & piano

How complex should music be? Is simple music less valid? How does a 21st century composer present simple ideas?
These were the questions buzzing round my head when I came to write this piece. And I looked to painting for the answers: if Paul Klee could pare down the drawing of a fish to a few lines, then music could do the same.
So without any attempt to complicate - indeed, with the express intention of simplicity - I prepared Paul Klee’s Fish.
In keeping with the simple philosophy, the subtitle says it all: there are five episodes, and they are ingenuous.

F L Dunkin Wedd
Tonbridge 1996