"We enjoyed the careful, controlled build-up you achieved, particularly through your skilful use of counterpoint."

'You sense that you are being taken on a wonderful music adventure to places far and near, without having to travel any further than your own CD player.'

A terrific contemporary composer with a unique musical voice that deserves to be heard.

Dunkin Wedd is a composer of great versatility yet with a clearly defined personal style. His music deserves a wider audience, particularly his very fine third quartet.

Like Water and Like Wind

Thank you for inviting me to play and bravo for your compositions. I hope we did them justice!

I've only got three CDs in my car - and one of them is yours!

"Mature, well-crafted and polished writing betraying a detailed knowledge of the instruments’ capabilities. Amusing yet not lightweight, jazzy and syncopated, yet far from trivial.”

'Enjoyed your CD, Laurie. Thanks for sending it. Individual ideas. M'

'Dear Laurie,
Thank you for the madrigals - several members of the team are now keen to rehearse these for this year's Christmas party!'

Modern Madrigals

'Ingenious and industrious, full of ideas and craft... You have abundant talent and energy to focus it which only a halfwit would miss... Keep up the (very) good work.'

'Music that is meant to entertain - surely one of music's primary functions.  It never outstays its welcome, and its unpredictability makes for intriguing listening.  It is clearly as enjoyable for players and listeners alike.'

'My friend Bec who lives in Reading is dying to meet you and wants to attend one of your concerts.  She is a huge fan, and thinks you are brilliant!

You are like Purcell and Handel with a genius sense of humor...'


'Love the strings very much... the Mass was lovely...

I have listen also to the flute thing... and I have made my favorite clear... the last with flute I LOVE IT ! reminds me of Brahms, Mahler, Mozart, Debussy and more... lovely !!!!

Fantastic that you can write music so differently to different instrument... I am very impressed!'


'Thank you SO much!!  These are fantastic!!!!  About 'Of Men and Buses', I actually sent a few of the lyrics to my best friend, and her reply was, "Does this guy know you??"  haha! '

Of Men and Buses

'The text is very funny and the music was beautiful too!! It is very difficult to find someone writing for harp, your writing is very clear and smooth, besides finding someone that writes the pedals correctly, like you, it's a dream...'

Of Men and Buses

'We are going to do your piece and it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks also for the lovely copies - truly wonderful to get neat copies!'


'This is wonderful modern music!'

Cube Root

'I'm enjoying the Hardy songs and all of your music this morning. The songs are unflinching and beautiful - Bravo!'

Hardy Triptych

'Really astonishing work. Bravo!'

'WOW! Bravo!  I am truly impressed!'

'We brought the house down with "Ic waes faemne geong"!!!'

Wonderful Things

'Your vocal writing and sense of melody is truly beautiful and the pieces are superbly structured. I really like the choice of texts also.'

'I listened to your piece. I like it! The descending arpeggio at the end of phrases is quite memorable. I can hear the clusters you are going for in the 2nd/3rd stanza. The variations between sections are really nice, getting more and more adventuresome as the piece goes along. I like the occasional break in style that you have, a blue note here, or unresolved something or other there. The chromatic last stanza is Mahleresque at times, and very fragile/plaintive. I like it!'

'Your writing for the voice is very good. I also enjoyed the Modern Madrigals - they are very funny.'

Modern Madrigals

'I love the madrigals! Very funny, and very well done! I can identify with every one.'

Modern Madrigals

I love the songs!

Singing teacher at La Chataigneraie International School, Geneva